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Product details

Product parameters

Main performance

1. Integrated license plate recognition camera, vehicles can automatically recognize traffic from 4 meters away;

2. Prompts such as the license plate number and validity period can be displayed;

3. You can broadcast the license plate number and validity period by voice;

4. The gate control interface has the function of automatic detection of illegal gate opening;

5. Working temperature:-30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

license plate recognition

1.300 megapixel license plate recognition camera, COMS low light level sensor;

2. The ambient light supplement is automatically enabled at night;

3. The camera has the functions of electronic focusing and auto focusing;

4. The identification distance is 3~6 meters, and the factory setting is 4-5 meters;

5. The recognition rate is above 98% during the day and above 95% at night;

6. Mobile phone APP-assisted identification can fully ensure normal traffic in bad weather.

Information Display

Two-line outdoor red and green LED dot matrix screen, showing the number of parking spaces and license plate number

voice broadcast

All-digital voice broadcasts the license plate number and validity period, and the volume can be adjusted.

panel material

is embedded with 5mm thick tempered glass and 3mm plexiglass.

surface treatment

13 processes such as polishing, derusting, pickling, phosphating, dusting and high temperature baking

Appearance Color

Fugui Silver

maximum power consumption 45W

working power supply

AC 220V 50~60HZ