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new bole unattended parking layout is another city! Full Fire Helps Build "Wisdom Rongchang"

in recent years, with the rapid development of social economy in Rongchang District,

the number of motor vehicles is increasing day by day,

on both sides of urban roads, streets and alleys

and random parking of vehicles in residential areas are visible to the naked eye,

It is not uncommon for some car owners to occupy public parking spaces for a long time.

the existing temporary parking spaces on the road are difficult to meet.

the rapidly increasing demand for motor vehicle parking,

parking is difficult.

to this end, Rongchang district people's congress deputies and district cppcc members suggested,

Rongchang District Government Decided:

planned urban areas,

rational use of public parking resources,

to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand for temporary parking of vehicles in urban areas,

improve the efficiency of various parking facilities.

Among them, the unattended management equipment at the entrances and exits of nearly 30 roadside parking lots in the entire urban area was installed by Xinbole.

Up to now, 19 sets of unattended smart parking lots in Rongchang City have been completed and landed, and 2400 smart parking spaces have all been unattended and put into normal use.

In addition, the construction and renovation of the remaining roadside parking lots is underway. It is expected that by the end of this year, there will be more than 5000 local outdoor smart parking spaces.

[Unattended License Plate Recognition, Entry "Seconds" Recognition]]

of the 19 unattended parking lots that have been built and put into use, Shenzhen Xinbole has adopted a high-definition license plate recognition system with a recognition rate of 99.99%.

When the vehicle approaches, the camera will capture the license plate and quickly identify the vehicle information, and control the gate lifting lever so that the owner can enter the parking lot without taking the card and parking.

If the gate cannot be opened due to unlicensed vehicles or unidentified vehicles, you can scan the QR code at the entrance to open the gate.

| Identify that the faulty vehicle can enter the scan code.

vehicle comes out, the owner can use the non-sense payment and Alipay/WeChat scan code to enter the owner's service micro-web page to pay the parking fee.

| Self-service scan code payment

this all-round intelligent and self-service service has brought different convenient experiences to car owners.

[Cloud O & M to start a new era of intelligent parking!]!]

in the Rongchang project, the stable operation of the big wisdom parking lots perfectly replaced the previous manual charging mode. The operator even canceled the manual charging, and there was no charge administrator on the spot.

car owners can directly call the operator's service hotline for remote processing if they need help, thus effectively saving labor costs.

administrator can easily manage multiple parking lots through the management background of Poleyun, master the detailed information of each car, and can also find some irregular parking behaviors in time, and notify the owner of the correct parking by phone or text message.

| One person, one platform can supervise multiple parking lots at the same time

In addition, in the event of an emergency, such as power failure or network disconnection, the platform has a timely voice broadcast system, which can contact the staff in time to solve the problems of the car owner.

According to the feedback of Rongchang citizens and relevant operation leaders, after the unattended roadside parking system in Rongchang District was put into operation, the following problems were fundamentally solved:

1. Pre-stop prediction, diversion and blockage

the parking space information on the road is reported to the Boleyun platform in real time, and drivers can inquire about the remaining parking spaces in advance through the mobile phone micro-web page.

2. Automatic perception, electronic payment

is self-service throughout the process, the operation is convenient and smooth, and the departure is quick, which greatly reduces the hidden danger of congestion on busy road sections.

3. Real-time monitoring, safe and reliable

All berths can be remotely monitored in real time, effectively preventing the occurrence of illegal parking, long-term occupation of berths, vehicle damage, theft, etc;

4. Intelligent management to plug leakage and increase revenue

bole cloud parking management platform also adopts advanced wireless 4G communication and internet of things technology, which is intelligent and efficient in management. The background provides export of financial statements, and the revenue details can be seen at a glance.

| Real-time monitoring of on-site operations on the Bole cloud platform

[About Shenzhen Xinbole]]

Shenzhen Xinbole, as the source manufacturer of intelligent parking system, has been deeply engaged in the field of intelligent parking for many years and has the ability of perfect unattended intelligent parking scheme design and system development.

With the prominent problem of parking difficulties, the company took the lead in proposing to apply B/S architecture to parking lot management, focusing on license plate recognition research and development, and has its own core technology.

has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to develop a wiring-free license plate recognition parking system. The system not only supports traditional wiring, but also supports wiring-free architecture.

system is free of wiring | easy to construct and can be put into use quickly.

parking center controller has set up a stable and efficient parking management system through direct cloud platforms such as 4G and TCP, which supports WeChat, Alipay payment, handset charging, cash charging and other charging management modes.

Publish the system software and hardware to the cloud platform. You can upgrade the system online through the cloud upgrade mode. It also has functions such as SMS notification and online maintenance.

| The traditional parking lot has low utilization rate, low efficiency, extensive manual management, high cost, and congestion at import and export has become the norm.

Xinbole wireless intelligent parking system is free of wiring, supports TCP, 4G and 2G transmission protocols, and automatically switches transmission modes according to the on-site network status, so that the parking lot will have no trouble of disconnection.

The management is on the cloud, the platform is safe and stable, and the system maintenance does not require technical personnel to be present, which solves the problems of traditional parking lot construction, maintenance needs to run on site, high cost, and difficult management, and brings good news to the majority of users!

| Comparison of traditional and wireless parking projects, intelligent and convenient to see!