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The new unattended cloud seat center management,

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Poleyun Seat
Smart Parking Industry Management

in recent years, the number of cars has continued to increase. Smart parking, as an important outlet to release travel pressure, on the one hand, has slightly alleviated the problem of urban congestion. However, due to the particularity of some parking lots and vehicles, many parking lots still face problems of one kind or another despite the popularization of artificial intelligence in parking management.

solution: boleyun seats

bole cloud seat is a cloud service system that centrally manages the parking booth through the Internet. when vehicles cannot be automatically opened and need manual assistance, the cloud seat administrator can locate the problem vehicles in the cloud through all-round information such as vehicle pictures, audio and video, and solve and release them in real time. To help operators in the cloud centralized remote supervision of its car yard sentry box, to achieve 100% unmanned operation.

The system has video and voice

Data and Solutions

has a large touch screen + smart terminal

, wait, wait, wait......

, wait a minute!

also has a perfect product experience!

"Poleyun Seat"
-Why did you say yes when you used it!

bole cloud seat is an unattended intelligent parking lot management system built by Shenzhen xinbole parking for cost reduction and efficiency enhancement of parking lot management, which integrates "intelligent hardware + platform + service. The biggest application value of the scheme is to reduce the cost, mainly to reduce the investment of property companies in some parking boxes, especially in some parking lots that require less manual opening. With cloud seats, property companies can effectively save money in parking lot management.70%labor costs to increase the traffic volume of temporary vehicles.5 times, improve100%!

▲ Cloud agent case scenario

"Poleyun Seat"

-How to improve on-site returns?

▲ Cloud agent application process

"Poleyun Seat"
-Management artifact for high-end car yards!

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